Monday, October 1, 2012

Disc golf, Prost and Brunettes! Oh my!

Have you ever played disc golf?
Well, you should. 
It's a perfect way to be outside, have some fun and make a fool out of yourself--in a good way.
But I only recommend it if you insist on being called "The Wolf" and you howl every time you even get close to hitting the hole.
It's really more fun that way.
{BTW-We went to a fun course in Arvada called Bird's Nest}

It's also more fun when you know that Prost Brewing is the "19th Hole" after the game. 


Oh and in other weekend news,
I became a brunette.
They're the ones who have more fun, right?


  1. definitely have more fun! it looks great! also, loving prost.

  2. We are definitely more fun! I love how the color makes your eyes pop :)

  3. Love your new hair color! You look so beautiful!
    That game sounds like a lot of fun! Especially the beer part! :) Prost, my friend!