Sunday, January 13, 2013

I don't want to talk about it...

You know that I am a fan through thick and thin, I really am...
This year was a lot of thick and it was glorious.
But of all times to be thin, BRONCS!, you chose yesterday?
A playoff game with the chance of playing at home AGAIN next week and then the
The Super Bowl.
You know what that is right, BRONCS!?
Yesterday's loss has left me depressed.
I know it's just a game, but for me and my family the BRONCS! games involve our hearts and souls and yesterday, our hearts and our souls were trampled on.
 {My heart and soul has been going through a lot lately and I didn't need this.}
I'm angry.
I'm sad.
I'm dumbfounded.
We were pumped and ready.
We freaking lost.
I really don't want to talk about it anymore {It's just TOO sad!} but I wanted to capture some of our BRONCS! spirit, as seen through the perspective of Gnorm the Gnome, just to remind myself someday that at least we did our part.
We really couldn't believe our eyes...

Damn you, BRONCS!.
You know I'll always be a fan, but we definitely need some time apart.


  1. dude, for real. i'm the same way today. everybody keeps trying to talk about it and i just want to punch them in the face. sigh. bastard in a real way!

  2. Love you and your family. You guys are awesome! I am so sorry that your team lost!