Friday, March 1, 2013

The Laniels: Better than ever!

In January {Happy New Year?} I saw a blog-friend's plan for how to better 
her/family this year.
I was so inspired by it that I wanted to try and do the same thing and 
I thought that March would be the best month to share it.
{Or, I sorta forgot to blog about this til I turned the calendar today...}
So, here's our plan: 

Theme: Exercise
Steps: walk Baxter every day—start treadmill in morning/Insanity (B)
Try: Workout videos on the weekends (K)

Theme: Relationships
Steps: Call friends and family we haven't talked to in awhile
Try: Sending love letters, care packages, date nights

Theme: Money
Steps: Cash only budget 
Try: Reading or listening to Dave Ramsey on the weekends

Theme: Eating
Steps: 30 new meals this month 15 vegetarian 5 fish 10 meat 
Try: A new restaurant or two!

Theme: Organization
Steps: Buy new tubs/shelves
Try: Purge!

Theme: Read
Steps: Go to basic cable
Try: Reading 5 books

Theme: Explore
Steps: Plan a camping trip 
Try: Hiking on non-camping weekends

Theme: Therapy
Steps: Call a counselor or do an intense program with a book or something
Try: Reading self-help books or ideas from Shana

Theme: Faith
Steps: Try Emily’s church 
Try: Picking up the Book of Common Prayer on the weekends

Theme: Volunteering
Steps: Piggy back with Brian’s work/donate food/Dumb Friend’s League?
Try: Walking dogs at the DFL

Theme: Holidays!
Steps: Figure out a budget, plan Christmas shopping, plan homemade gifts
Try: Doing a family picture/card {Hire Hannah!}

Theme: Looking forward
Steps: List out what worked and what didn't this year
Try: Memorializing our life—via blog/picture albums??

We did pretty well in January and February with our steps and what to try. It has been good for us to have a focus and not get tripped up in a million things we want to change at once. 
This is a great way to do "New Year's Resolutions" and we're really glad we are doing it!


  1. Sounds like a year of balance in your life!

  2. Sounds like a great plan! Good luck and enjoy everything! Hugs!

  3. Hello. Can you now make a plan for me? Need one, now!