Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Miracles Prevail

My hope of living in the truth of this:
{Yes, this is now on my board with a countdown of  school days that are left--it's at 34 right now!}
will depend on 
believing in 
and celebrating 
Miracles in the Mundane.
Thankfully they are all around me. 

I savored this:

I believed in this:
I knew I wasn't alone when I celebrated this:

And today, I had fun teaching.
{I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}
{Okay, I had fun with most of it. I want to KILL my 4th period!}

I enjoyed teaching today because I was immersed in the amazing words of Gary Soto.
I read this:
{Please take the time to read it! It'll change your life!!!!}
and I almost cried every time.
{I almost cried during my 4th period when they *almost* ruined it for me! 
Lord knows it couldn't be a "perfect day!}

It is a powerful story about how a grandfather nurtures and loves a persistent 
little avocado tree. 
{How can I resist the power of a TREE!?}
The tree grows as the family grows and, well, it never quits. 

These lines from the story capture my miracle:

"But his favorite tree was the avocado because it offered hope and the promise of more years."
"The wind could not move the branches, but the trunk, thicker than any waist, hugged the ground."

Hope is being offered to me in many, many ways.
{Thanks, all my wonderful cheerleaders!}
And I know, I KNOW!, that there is strength to my own metaphorical tree. 
The wind isn't moving the branches and the trunk is thick, stable and sure. 
Thank you, Miracles in the Mundane, for showing up just in the nick of time. 


  1. This is a wonderful perspective. I love finding the little miracles in every day life as well and now I am off to read that story!