Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So, this happened today....

This is true.
 I did cry.
But this is more accurate:

{I mean, "nervous breakdown" might be a little harsh for what happened... but not really...}

Basically I took the actions of said "asswipe" 
{he's really not, but it's kind of an amazing term ...}
 really personally and all the gumption I thought I had to withstand 8th graders' 
crazy antics went out the window.

{So what happened was the kid messed with a planter filled with soil and seeds I was using in my demonstration for the book we are reading called Seedfolks. I put so much heart and soul into the lesson and it felt really awful when I came into the room from supervising the halls and I saw that the soil was everywhere. I pretty much immediately started crying and I had to leave the room. The teacher across the hall had the kids fill out anonymous forms explaining what they knew.}

 I did recover, taught the lesson and finished my day by breaking up a fight and writing a "last straw" referral for a kid who might get expelled.
 {And I really liked the kid! I have gone to bat for him over and over and makes me sad that he chose to get a referral.} 

What a freaking day. 
No wonder teachers drink.