Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Getting my kid fix

My heart was full this last weekend because I got to spend it with these two gems:
  This year's Aunt Kari and Uncle Brian camp did not disappoint! 
We started the tradition several years ago to have my "nephews"
  {my best friend's kids} 
come and spend time in Denver with us. 
They live in WY so a trip to the city is kind of a big deal. 

This year Liam 
{my 15 year old nephew-on the right side of this fine photo} 
brought his friend Tommy and a Bucket List. 
The list included eating sushi and Indian food, going to  Elitch's, driving Go-Karts of some sort, playing Laser Tag, watching their first live MLS game,
 playing video games with Brian, and devouring Krispy Kreme doughnuts. 
They also attempted to speak in British accents in public as often as possible. They had a back story of living with us as exchange students playing American club soccer for the summer. It was amazing. 

We checked off every single one of the Bucket List items-- 
and then some.
Sadly, I didn't get pictures of everything but these capture some of the goodness. 
Ode to teenager-vacation food. :)

My very generous brother, who works for the Colorado Rapids, hooked these boys up! Free swag and then after the game they were lucky enough to have their new soccer balls 
autographed by one of the players! 

 Probably one of my most favorite times was when we played cards on our porch. 
It was very sweet of them to play BS and Slap Jack with an old lady like me. :)

 Boys and their video games...Uncle Brian learned a few new tricks, though! 

We went to Heritage Square and rode the historical Alpine Slide--good times!

The reality is that even if I had pictures of every single thing we did,
{I do regret not taking a picture of the 35+ rolls/pieces of sushi we ate...it was amazing.}
I still wouldn't have been able to capture what it meant for me to get my "kid fix"-- 
especially with kids like Liam and Tommy. 

Brian and my decision to not have kids has not been free from layered emotions.
We don't have regrets about our decision, but we both know that kids need to be a regular part of our lives to fulfill some of our wishes to have kids. 
We crave times with our nieces and nephews {related or not!} and we
 cherish memories we can make with them. 

For me, spending time with Liam, especially, fulfilled this craving.
Liam is like no other kid I know. 
He has a way of using his strengths to nurture my soul.
From his kindness, his wit, his intellect, his genuine spirit, and his overwhelming sense of gratefulness for all things, his insight, his honestly, his pure goodness 
makes me a better person. 

I'm so grateful for the uplifting time I had with these boys and
 I can't wait for next year's camp!

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  1. Seems like you had an awesome time. You are such a sweetheart! I loved to see all your pictures on Instagram! Hugs!