Friday, September 20, 2013

What is the secret to a balanced life?

This month's Real Simple "We want to hear from you" question really got me thinking. 
What is the secret to a balanced life?
It's what we all strive for, and I think, at our core, it's what we need. 
My "secret" is all about how I process.
{Please note before I go any further that most of the time for me balance is pronounced @#$%&^*@ and you know I don't speak Spanish.} 
I think that having a variety of consistent outlets to process all that life throws my way makes a huge difference. Variety is the key here. I have learned that my husband helps me process certain things and my best girlfriends help me process other things. I process through writing on this silly little blog, my personal journal, and writing letters to different friends and family. I have found that I am more reflective, productive and happy when I process all that I am learning through these different modes.  

I have also learned, the hard way, that I have to remember who gets what part of my life. While Brian absolutely listens with all his heart about work stuff, sometimes some of the  bitching philosophical stuff is best processed  over a margarita on the rocks {no salt}
 with someone in the biz. 
Spiritual journey stuff stays with my closest of the close and even then it's often guarded and my personal journal gets the brunt. 
My relationship stuff bounces around the most--between Brian and my girlfriends--depending on my issues. {Or theirs!}
Sadly, I am not very discriminatory about my soap box moments. You might get on the sour end of my rant and not have a clue what I am talking about;
but thanks for listening. :)
I am grateful to have outlets to process all the layers that make life, life and that I have a better chance to experience true balance when I do.

What's your secret to a balanced life?

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  1. I agree that having outlets is good, blogging is mine! Kev and my biggest challenge at the moment is finding the balance between work and parenting, and our relationship. We have had to make sure to take time for each other during this crazy transition!