Monday, November 4, 2013

Perpetual Thanksgiving

I am grateful  for what I am and have.
My thanksgiving is perpetual.
It's surprising how contented one can be
 with nothing definite--only a sense of existence.
--Henry David Thoreau

When I saw this quote in my Real Simple magazine I cut it out and put it next to my mirror because I knew I needed to have it in front of me daily.
I need to soak it in and let it guide me.
 As I enter into my 43rd year of life, I am finding that my existence is 
filled with so much goodness. 
My family, friends, hardships and joys make me who I am and I am so, so grateful that my thanksgiving is indeed perpetual-- mostly because of these wonders:

The many miracles in the mundane that surround me show me how to be content.
They remind me that life is good.
It's real good. 

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  1. Love your hair in that first picture. It's good to be content with the mundane things in life. I'm grateful for each and ever day. :)