Tuesday, November 4, 2014

It's My Golden Birthday!

I'm 44 today!
Technically my Golden Birthday was my 4th birthday but because I can, 44 is too. :)
So, to commemorate this Golden year,
Kari Jacobsen Laniel's photo.
I thought I would share 44 things I've learned over the last 44 years.
1. Love Wins.
2. Everyone has a story to tell. 
3. Kindness works.
4. Listen.
5. My parents are the best people I know.
6. #inspire.
7. Learn from trees.
8. Ugly crying is a necessary means to many, many ends.
9. Walking through fall leaves will make your heart sing.
10. Breathe.
11. Wash your face every night.
12. Say please and thank you.
13. Spoil your nieces and nephews.
14. Celebrate.
15. Protect your energy.
16. Remember and learn from your past.
17. Don't let your past define you.
18. Will Ferrell makes everything better.
19. Spending time with friends is precious and life-giving.
20. Be present.
21. Savor sunrises and sunsets.
22. Fresh flowers are always a good idea.
23. Be passionate about something.
24. Take risks.
25. My grandma's chocolate cake recipe is the ONLY chocolate cake recipe.
26. Be generous.
27."Retire" from things that you don't like to do anymore.
28. CABIN! life is the best life. 
29. Own your shit.
30. Breathe in mountain air--oh and ocean air too.
31. Apparently I'm all about that bass. (No treble...)
32. Dance at weddings.
33. Sometimes watching reality TV is the only way to cope.
34. Speak truth.
35. Get a dog.
{But only if he can be like Baxter.}
36. And a cat.
{But only if he can be like Birney.}
37. Being in love with Brian makes me a better person.
38. Keep that sense of humor, it's critical.
39. My brothers are my heroes.  
40. The Beatles have it figured it out, so listen to their songs on vinyl.
41. Always do the dishes before you go to bed.
42. Spirituality is complicated.
43. There's no blueprint for life.
44. Seriously. Love always, always wins. 


  1. All I really need to know I learned from Kari Jacobsen-Laniel. LOVE this post so much! Happy 44th!!

  2. I always do the dishes before I go to bed. :) Happy happy birthday, Kari! I love your list and you are such a fabulous and wonderful person! <3 you! Hugs!