Friday, February 12, 2016


My beloved BRONCS! won, WON {!!!!!!!!!!} Super Bowl 50!!!!!!! 
The Orange Crush BROUGHT it and it was incredible to see the Panthers go down 24-10! 
{Not to mention 13 hits and 6 sacks to "super" Cam....bahahaahaha!}
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I went nuts when we won.
{Shocking, I know.}
 I cried, I screamed, I called my dad, my brothers and my friends called me, and we were all crazy happy. 
I've been on a high ever since. 

The hype started when I went to the AFC Championship game with my best friends and they CRUSHED Crybaby Tom Brady 23 times. Man, that was FUN! 

Brian and I went to the celebration parade in downtown Denver with one million other people who bleed orange and it was incredible. 

I've written a lot about the BRONCS! on this little blog and as I read through them I saw consistent themes of loyalty, family, passion, and optimism that someday another Super Bowl win would be a part of my very special BRONCS! story, 
 {It's been 17 years, for heaven's sake!} 
and here we are. 

I think some of my emotion is connected to the most consistent part of my BRONCS! story; my family. The BRONCS! have been a part of my family for my entire life and it's difficult to put into words what this win means to all of us. This post captures some of the emotion I have and why I feel so sentimental about it all.

So, I am pretty sure that John would agree:
This one's for the Jacobsens! 
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Thank you, BRONCS! for proving all the haters wrong and for reminding all those underdogs out there that it can be done. And, thanks from all the Jacobsens from the bottom of our orange bleeding hearts.

I feel the need to include a very important part of our story.  See, I knew this was going to happen. When Brock Osweiler stepped in to save the day, my dad reminded me that in 1997, John Elway was out and Bubby Brister stepped in. Bubby went on to win 5 games which propelled us into the playoffs and ultimately into the Super Bowl. We played the Packers and we were severe underdogs. But, thanks to the incredible 1997 team, and the amazing plays by John "Helicopter" Elway and Terrell "MVP" Davis, we won 31-24. 
Fast forward to the 2015-16 season. Does all this sound familiar? Yup! Brock stepped in, he helped us win 5 games, we got into the playoffs, the Super Bowl--where we were underdogs, and then WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Each game that Brock played, I had the Bubby Brister story in my head. When he led us to a fifth win, I knew history would repeat itself. Then when we were severe underdogs?? Why, it was the icing on the cake. Championship, here we come, and sure enough, we did it. 
We really did it. 

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  1. I really, really wanted your BRONCS!!! To win Super Bowl 50--for all fans, for Denver, but mostly for YOU! So happy!!