Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Everything's great in the 3.1.8.!

It's that time again...
I am just going to say it here for the record....
It feels right. 
It feels solid.
It feels like the real deal.
A few weeks back we had our "ticket tailgate" and divided up the tickets.
Nostalgia, home brew, ribs, memories, anticipation, John Elway and family was well represented.

  Our family has had season tickets for 47 years and we love our BRONCS!
The home opener is pretty much a family affair. We are "all in" and ready to risk fights with our opponent's fans in order to "Protect This House!"
{Don't worry, no fans were harmed during the making of this BRONCS! win.}

Our family's season tickets are in section 318.

Brian and I thought we were pretty clever that our BRONCS! jerseys mirrored our section.

Brian is obviously wearing the famous Manning #18 and I am wearing the equally famous 
not-so-well-known Rich Karlis #3.
 You know, the kicker?
The BAREFOOT kicker?
I LOVED him so, so, so much!
I had a few people comment on it walking out of the stadium Sunday night. One person said, 
"Wow! Where do you find a Karlis jersey?"
Brian said,
"Well, you have your husband search on eBay for weeks and then you buy it for her birthday."
{Awwww. Thanks honey. I love my jersey.}

The 318 was especially great because all of the BRONCS! touchdowns were in 
"our" end zone--the Roy-zone.
We missed my Uncle Roy a lot--BRONCS! games aren't the same without him, but the Roy-zone was on fire Sunday and that gave us hope that keeping the BRONCS! spirit alive and well in the 318 can only bring good things--
like a Super Bowl ring?


  1. BRONCS!!!!
    1. I can't believe you still have John.
    2. Actually, I can.
    3. I think it's frickin' awesome that you have a Karlis jersey.
    4. I also think it's frickin' awesome that you had a KARL phase and loved Rich KARLis.
    5. Superbowl baby!!!!!!!!!

    1. This is the best list I've ever seen. Ever. BRONCS!
      (LOVE the Karl connection!)

  2. Love me some orange, some sort of animal hair clogs! BRONCS!

    1. dude. It's horse hair. I know. ORANGE horse hair. Awesome.

  3. Oh gosh, I love this post. Football season is the best! I am an unfortunate Brown's fan because I live in the Cleveland area. So it's much harder for me to openly claim we're going to the Super Bowl, because I'll probably get kicked in the face/laughed at :( But I stick with them through thick and thin! (mostly thin)

  4. Yay for football season! It is so cool that you have season tickets! I have only been to one football game so far but it was awesome. I don't really understand the rules though. Haha. Hugs!