Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The 7 day Experiement


Miracles in the mundane spark dreams. Maybe those dreams will help change the world. Or maybe, they'll just make us a little happier.

And, sometimes, dreams are contagious.

In 1967 my grandpa had a dream. He wanted to have a summer home on a lake in Minnesota. Being an Iowa farmer he knew that this was easier said than done. Convincing my grandma of his dream was part of the real challenge. I am sure the "Are you crazy?!" or "How can we realistically pull this off?" sort of conversations were a regular part of the Jacobsen home.

But he did it. He purchased a little log cabin in Ortonville, Minnesota on Big Stone Lake. The cabin has been a family gathering place my whole life. Every summer a trip to the cabin was in order. I learned how to fish, water ski, swim and have exorbitant amounts of fun at the cabin. It is a part of me that is solid and almost foundational to who I am.

This is one of the first photos taken at the cabin. My Grandpa is realizing his dream...
My grandpa took risks and worked hard to fulfill his dream. He and my grandma sacrificed a lot to create a place for the family to become The Jacobsen's. They exhibited unlimited dedication to us--to the cabin--to the dream.

It reminds me that I need to do the same thing with my dreams. I need to name them and do everything it takes to fulfill them. The cabin is proof that sometimes, dreams are contagious.

The Cabin
During this seven day experiment, I have come to realize that there are miracles all around us. And, as I relax at the cabin these next two weeks, I will continue to relish this and, if it's possible, cherish the dream that has been built even more.

I hope that we continue to see miracles and maybe, just maybe, the miracles we see will spark that dream in us that needs to be realized. Maybe it will push us to build something we didn't think was possible. Ultimately, I think we will see that

sometimes dreams are contagious:
The miracle in the mundane.

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