Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The 7 Day Experiment

It's amazing that life continues to bring heaps of firsts into our lives. Many of my friends have had (or are waiting to have!) their first child this year. A few friends are in their first serious relationship. Some are experiencing firsts of new houses, new jobs or new travel adventures.

It's been a while since I have had my fair share of firsts. So, why not reflect on the miracle of firsts through a 16 pound black and white fluff ball. I have never owned a dog. Growing up my parents chose not to have dogs around because they had lost so many in their own youth and they didn't want us kids to deal with that. I never really wished I had a dog...I was happy being a cat person. :)
That is quickly changing. Don't get me wrong, I will always have a soft purring spot in my heart for my cats. I love how cats have an amazing ability to be independent, yet so needy...it's a fun combination.

Birney and Bella

Baxter is no cat :) andI have so enjoyed all the firsts with this sweet boy. Our first family walk, I looked down and was in awe that I, Kari the Cat Person, has a dog!

I feel like Baxter and I have a lot of firsts to celebrate:
Our first
fetch session
crazy excited greeting to me when I had been gone
barking uncontrollably at Birney... :(
(This one is a bit traumatic for me...but time is on my side...right?)
successful kennel time
panic attack that he swallowed the squeaker from his newly destroyed toy...
(he didn't!)
meeting of all my friends and family
and soon, our first road trip! (yikes!)
This is my first great, big, furry, happy family. :)

Celebrate your firsts! Whether it be parenthood, travelling to a new place, or the joy of a new puppy, celebrate and cherish
The miracle in the mundane.

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