Monday, June 14, 2010

The 7 Day Experiment

It may be sort of cliche... It is something we have all seen, but it deserves a bit of miracle anyway. It's the unlikely green that grows through the concrete:

I have been thinking a lot about loss lately and I think it is connected to the idea of resilience.
I recently reconnected with a friend who is dealing with the reality of loss in ways that seem unfathomable. Her Grandmother, Father and Sister all passed away this last year. We have developed a sort of email journal to each other. I have saved the emails in a folder called "Our Journey". This journey has to do with grief, loss, questions, fears, feelings that only those who have lost feel, and more questions...
We are able to share what it is like to have certain dates haunt us and have vivid, paralyzing memories of remembering the horrific news that changed our lives. We wrestle with the 'big' questions and we remind ourselves that time marches on...and time eventually starts to heal our souls...but it is a long journey...
I am 7 years into this journey, she is barely a year...some things are still the same, some aren't, but resilience is a theme nonetheless.
As I took a walk today, Baxter and I noticed some green growth coming from middle of the sidewalk. Baxter tried to eat it...I stared in awe. I have seen this phenomenon before, of course, but today it reminded me that the miracle in the mundane may not look like what we expect. It may be painful at first, but then, when we really strain, we see it. It's called:
The miracle in the mundane.


  1. Beautiful friend, just beautiful.

    You personify resilience and strength to me.

  2. oh, sweet sweet Kari! You are an amazing, strong and beautiful woman and I treasure you! I am so glad you are a part of my life and it took some strange and painful events to bring you to me and I am thankful to call you my friend. xo tina