Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kids, babies and family units

I am one happy Aunt. I am Aunt Kari to my blood-relative nephews, Teddy (9) and Tucker (7) but, I also have an extended family of nieces and nephews that make my life full.
Uncle Brian and I with my nephews. Can you tell we're related? :)

Brian and I have chosen not to have kids. It was a decision early on in our relationship and really, early on in my adult life. This is a touchy subject to talk about (much less, publically blog about!!!) but I really feel like I need to recognize the miracle of all the kids and babies in my life that bring me such happiness.
My "Sister" Shana and I with her kids, one of my oldest nephews, Liam, and Zane...! :)

The decision not to have kids has been an emotional one. Our society is built on children and families. This is in no way a bad thing. In fact it’s great! But, for several reasons, biological kids are not a part of Brian and I’s family unit. I know that I am not alone, and I know that to some, this isn’t a big deal, but I blog about it now because there is also a reality that I am “different” than the “norm” when it comes to kids and families. I don’t think I expected this. I knew, in theory, that I would feel the effects of not having my own children, but this has been more emotional than I thought.
Charlie, me, Emmett and Sadie Grace...adorable.Last summer I read several books on the subject of being childless by choice and they really helped me own our decision. They also reminded me that I have strong maternal instincts but they are played out in a non-traditional way. Being a teacher does this, but so does going to the zoo with some of my most favorite nieces and nephews on the planet. It's these times that help this emotional issue settle in my soul to a peaceful place. I have no regrets, it's just emotional sometimes.
A future wedding picture?? :)

I am grateful for what my life looks like and how I got here. There is so much to be grateful for. I have an absolutely amazing husband that makes me happy in ways I didn’t think was possible. We have our family of pets that keep me hoppin’ for sure, and I am grateful for them. And, I am especially grateful for the miracles of all the kids, babies and family units in my life that enrich my soul and provide deep happiness.
Aunt Kari and Emmett...priceless.

Thanks to the parents of all my nieces and nephews for allowing me to be the luckiest Aunt on the planet.


  1. Oh!!! This is so near and dear to my heart! You are beautiful!

  2. Kari. Thanks for sharing your heart in your post and with our kids. They need you and so do we as exasperated and exhausted parents. Our kids need you and Brian for them to become the people they are intended to be. Your overflow of love and grace towards them is more than it seems I can muster sometimes in the day to day. Community truly is necessary in raising kids--the mundane and the truly miraculous.