Wednesday, March 28, 2012

#11: A picture of a stranger. Why did you photograph this person?

So, as it turns out, it's a bit awkward to take a picture of a stranger.
I thought that this one from the list might be a bit difficult to pull off
but then I saw this:
I know, right?!

The "Why did you photograph this person?" part of this one is layered.
First, I took this yesterday, March 27th--yes March, not June, July or August...I guess March is as good of month as any to get your tan on...?!!!
Second, I took this at Cheesman Park. Oh how I love Cheesman Park--there are so, so many different people that gather at this park in the heart of Denver. It's a sure thing to see something like this!
Third, I decided that I envy this guy. Okay, envy is a bit of a stretch, but I appreciate that this guy can just go out in public like this. I am so self conscious about so many things...and this guy?
 Well, I guess there are many levels to what confidence is and how to display it...
A speedo in March?
Why not?

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