Thursday, March 29, 2012

#24: A picture taken at sunset

Gorgeous, right?
This view is nothing short of spectacular.
This one from the list was taken at my parents house in Morrison, CO.
I know.
But you know what is more amazing?
My parents.
 My parents are my heroes for many, many reasons.
They have endured a lot of hardship and through it all they approach life with grace and hope.
This is not always easy.
Their life, home and way of being is a true testament to believing in what matters. 
They have sacrificed, toiled, served and given all  that they are to those around them.
They have a True Faith that inspires many.
This view, especially at sunset, reminds me that miracles do exist and I am grateful that my parents are in my life to remind me of this.

xoxo, dad and mom. 
I love you and I am so proud that I am yours.

1 comment:

  1. You are one lucky girl to have such great parents. Seriously...they're pretty much the best.

    And they're super lucky to have you as their daughter. I mean, for reals!