Tuesday, March 6, 2012

#12: A picture of something red

When I saw #12 from the list, I knew instantly that I would take a photo of Ruby and write about
how great she is.
Ruby is my 1998 Volkswagen Jetta.
I got Ruby in 2004 and she has been reliable, faithful and just all around great. She loves her BRONCS! license plate and she doesn't seem to mind a little dirt here and there...

 It's funny how cars become an important part of our lives. I guess it's partly connected to the expense, but I also think cars are safe zones where we can scream our heads off, sing at the top of our lungs, say secrets out loud, and just kinda let it all out. I have been so grateful for Ruby and all the different cars in my life that have given me some space to just be.

Today, I got to celebrate Ruby's 100,000 mile turn!
Hooray for Ruby!
 I know she could go 100,000 more.
She's just cool that way. :)

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