Wednesday, March 7, 2012

#19: A picture of something purple

In keeping with the color theme from the list, I have to post this:
I LOVE lilac season. The fragrance in the air evokes a deep happiness that no other scent can do. I grew up in Evergreen, CO so we didn't really have many lilac bushes around, but that didn't stop us from having lilacs. My dad took it upon himself to steal "prune" some of the bushes in the city and bring them home.

There was a very particular vase my mom used for them and I can picture it now sitting on our entry way table growing up. I found out a few years ago that the vase belonged to my grandma. She used the vase specifically for lilacs too and my dad remembers it being filled to the brim with lilacs from the Iowa farm.

Oh purple bring me sweet, delicious joy.
 I can't wait to see you soon!!!!!

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