Thursday, March 15, 2012

GO JACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The South Dakota State University Jackrabbits made it to "the big dance".
The NCAA's March Madness has hit the high plains.
The town of Albuquerque will never be the same again.
Yes, folks it's true.
The Jackrabbits are officially THE Cinderella team of the least to me and my family, especially my dad.
My parents went to SDSU in the early '60's. My dad played football there and was a part of a team that went to the national championship. He is on the "Wall of Fame" at the college and he has stories about playing that borders folklore.

When he found out that the Jacks made it into the NCAA tournament, he called me--it was 9:30 at night and the excitement in his voice was something pure, rare and downright awesome.

They play tonight at 5:27 (on truTV) against the #3 seed, Baylor. South Dakota State is ranked #14,
 but we aren't going to let a few little numbers intimidate us.
We are going to go out and fight like a Jackrabbit.
We'll be scrappy, fierce and full of passion.

When we *win* I will be out of my head excited because I know that my dad will be through the roof excited! He is such a loyal person, so for him to experience his loyalty to the Jackrabbits so tangibly tonight is just perfect.

Go Jackrabbits!
Kick some Baylor Butt tonight and know that your loyal fans are with you no matter what!


  1. Pulling for the jacks because of your family and your passion. I absolutely love this time of year.

    1. yeah, baby! Thanks KC Pucketts!! Too bad we can't have a Nick's burger--or 5--while we watch them win tonight! :)