Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#13: A picture of an animal

How could this one from  the list not be of Baxter?!
I mean, for one thing, Baxter turns two on St. Patrick's Day.
We're going to have a big birthday party for him on Saturday (you're invited!) so we had to get Baxter all spiffied up for his big day.
We got him a tartan bow tie that just happens to be the same colors as the kilt Brian wore at our wedding.
So. Freaking. Adorable.

Baxter has changed our life in so many amazing ways.
 He brings us joy--that deepdowncan'texplainit--joy. 
We can't imagine our life without him .
We are so proud of the fine young dog he is becoming.

So, lift a glass of Irish cheer to Baxter Boy!
Two's gonna be great. We just know it.

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  1. The joviality of that bowtie just brought me tons of joy too!