Wednesday, April 18, 2012

#23: A picture taken at sunrise

I only have a few more posts left from the "finding inspiration" list.
I had grand intentions of getting them all done
{like two weeks ago...}
but I have been distracted and unfocused and dealing with what seems like
A MILLION tiny little things at once....
Well, whatever the reason, here I am with a picture I took at sunrise.
 I get to see the sunrise almost every day on my way to work. This particular day wasn't overly spectacular as far as clouds, colors or general sunrise drama goes, but then again, it's a sunrise!
Think about it...
This giant ball of fire rises each and every's predictable, purposeful and pretty. :)
To have something we can count on all! the! time! (!!!!!!)
is such a great miracle.

Sunrises allow us to start fresh.
They allow us to see the light (literally and figuratively!)
They allow us to  recognize that there is something bigger than us runnin' the joint.
To me, this brings a sense of hope and peace that is unmatched.
As I drive east every day, I am grateful that I get a moment to catch my breath, put my to-do list on pause and let the miraculous moments of the sunrise guide me into my day.

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