Thursday, April 19, 2012

#27: A picture of something old

When I downloaded this song:

I knew I was too old to do so.
But I couldn't help myself! It's just so darn catchy!
Justin Bieber was on The Voice and they showed like 30 seconds of the video. 
I IMMEDIATELY went to iTunes.
I know.
Then, before we turned out the light that night, I asked Brian if he would be my boyfriend.
{I love that term--boyfriend--it's so fun and pure...yes?}
He thought I was a little crazy, but then he agreed that yes, he would be
my boyfriend AND my husband.
Two for one.
What a deal.

This little event reminded me that I am old.
 So, for #27  from the list-- a picture of something old--I am picking me.
I am old.
Lordy! Lordy! Kari's 40!

Now, I know you will be tempted to comment on this blog post and say things like--
"No you're not!"
"Stop it!"
"You look like someone in their 20's--{or at least early to mid 30's?} !"
"Come on, Kari, you're being dumb..!"
Do what you must, but the fact remains that
I am old.
Just to clarify, I don't think I necessarily mean I am old in the sense of number of years
or, even how I look.

Yes! I'm 41 and I'll eat my cake too...!

 I think the heart of this post is that I think I do things that I am "too old" to do.
{Umm, hello! I posted a Justin Bieber video!!!}
For example:
When I am in a group of my peers er..umm.. people I am around the most  
{who are in mostly in their 20's and 30's...!!}
and I start saying things like "when I was a kid we had 8-track players!"
the blank expressions on their faces remind me that
 I am old.
When I  attempt to use shortcuts on computer programs and freeze the suckers up and then try to laugh it off with a vignette of the first computer I ever used--an Apple IIe,
 I am old.
When my friends plan a "night on the town" and it starts at 9 so I pound an espresso, an emergenC and preemptive Advil I know that
I am old.

I got a "C" in keyboarding class. But look at that keyboard! Come on!

I know that sometimes being the "old" one of the group is a good thing.
Because I have a pretty solid reservoir of life experiences, I can sagely offer advice to others.
I have "variety is the spice of life" tastes in music and fashion {usually...} because
my tastes  span 4 decades.
I also honor the philosophy that "you are only as old as you feel"--and more often than not,
 I do feel young.
 I am grateful that the copious amounts of wrinkles and gray hair I should have--haven't caught up with the number of years I really am--yet.

But when I find myself humming "Boyfriend", reminiscing about the days before cell phones, cable TV and laptop computers, {not to mention KILLER hangovers after those "nights on the town"...} I think, hmm.
I am old.
But I am good with it because I plan on growing old gracefully.
{Whatever THAT means!}
And I'll just keep reminding myself of that
when I crave listening to BJ Thomas on my old 8-track player.
Man, those were the good old days.


  1. I LOVE your hair in your 40th birthday picture! And . .. I LOVE B J Thomas!!! ( not so much the Biebs!). And . . . I feel really, really old after reading this, but I'm okay with that!!

    1. I love you Cheryl!! :)
      Let's listen to some BJ Thomas ASAP! :)

  2. You really truly don't look 40! Love this post though,we are really only as old as we feel :)

  3. Um, I love that song! I say, you're never to old to rock out to some pop music.

  4. I feel this way at work a lot ... The other day I said "My husband and I saw Pat Benatar" and a colleague said "Who's he?"

    True story.

    1. oh wow. that's awesome, truly awesome.
      thanks for stopping by!

  5. "Growing old gracefully... whatever that means". I think about this a lot!

    1. it really is something to strive for!
      thanks for stopping by!