Thursday, June 12, 2014

Communing With My Ancestors

"We are born thinking we have free will 
but the longer we live,
 the more we discover we've been
 programmed by our ancestors."
                                                                                                                               {~ Didi Gluck from an article in Real Simple}
My ancestors have given me a bounty of gifts. 
There are many intangible ways that they show up in my life. 
I get a "knowing" that they are a part of the way I interact with a person or a place. 
I make connections to stories and experiences in ways that I can't explain 
except that I am part of something bigger. 
Those that came before me are an important part of who I am and how I navigate the world. 
There are also tangible ways that they show up. 
Pictures, recipes, and of course,
 The CABIN! 
I know that I have written a lot about this piece of heaven and I appreciate this space to capture some of the ways that the CABIN! shapes me. I am about to go to the CABIN! for 2 weeks and I am feeling very sentimental and connected already.
 {Watch out @lifeonmadison Instagram, you're about to get a lot of action...}
When I am at the CABIN! I am not only experiencing the solitude and beauty it holds
 but I am communing with my ancestors. 
 I am humbled and grateful that my ancestors have programmed me to appreciate the sacrifice, hard work and joy that went into building this space. 
I am grateful that I get to visit this space so often and for several days at a time. 
I am excited to connect and re-connect with those that have given me hope.
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 I know. 
I'm obsessed with this place. 

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