Tuesday, April 24, 2012

#26: A picture that brings back your strongest childhood memory

Oh man! This one from the list has to be ROAD TRIPS!!!!
Yeah baby! Let's load up the old Volkswagen bug (1970's memories)

 and the tan conversion van (1980's memories)

and drive to South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa!
Being on the road with my family brings me millions and millions of amazing memories.
We always had
music (8 tracks, baby!)
road games
sibling rivalry
pure excitement for our next destination.

During the 70's era, we would load up our gold VW bug with luggage strapped to the top of the car and in the trunk. My parents would put the back seat out so it was flat and all three kids
 would lay out as dad drove through the night.
Umm, Seat belts?
Car seats? 
Just the open road and sleeping kids for my parents!

During the 80's era we didn't know what to do with all the space around us! I mean, our van was L.O.A.D.E.D!
We had a "stereo system"{yes, this is intended to be finger quoted..}a table that flipped up and swiveled, a seat that folded out to a bed, a sink and little side windows that opened so we could stick out our hands to feel the Midwestern air...
pure glory.
It's really difficult to put into words the pure, magical, perfect memories I have of these days. The time spent with my brothers and parents was truly amazing.
 I think part of the draw was what awaited us at the other end.
We drove the same loop every summer. Our first stop was Rapid City, South Dakota where my mom's parents lived. We loved visiting here and I have memories of walking to the corner store *by ourselves!* to buy candy and  then we were allowed to stay up late. We would usually go to Mt. Rushmore and some other attraction in the Black Hills like Bear Country USA.

Then we would hit the road and go to my mom and dad's college friends' farm in the middle of *Nowhere* South Dakota. The best part of this stop was first, we thought we were related to this family so it was like seeing cousins and second, they had an outdoor, above ground POOL! When we turned onto the dirt road that led to the farm we would start yelling:
"Pedal to the metal! Floor it! Floor it!"
We changed into our swimming suits in the car and barely said hello to our hosts as we tore to the pool.
The next stop on our summer road trip loop was to none other than the CABIN! which is in Minnesota.
The memories here are too many to count, but the highlights are certainly learning how to water ski, fish, listen to many, many stories and feel that pure delight that is childhood.
Depending on our route home, we would also stop in Sheldon, Iowa and visit my Aunt and Uncle and cousins who lived there. This was always a treat because they had a Godfather's Pizza AND an A&W--good times for sure.

Road trips are the best. I still take them! Last summer, Baxter and I drove to the CABIN! by ourselves. Baxter didn't mind the shotgun seat at all.

Oh road trips! Thanks for all the memories and I look forward to many more!!!

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  1. LOVE this! Brings back so many memories of my own family road trips! Still my favorite way to travel, too11