Monday, March 12, 2012

#22: A picture of your guilty pleasure

As I write this post from the list I am watching this:
I think this says it all about what my guilty pleasure is...dear lord.
What is wrong with me?? Reality TV???
It started, I think, with this:

I know...  
 I stopped watching Survivor for many years, but have recently picked it up again. 
I know. 
I think I better just admit that I am a reality TV junkie.
 I like food ones, race ones, fashion ones, makeover ones and hair ones.
Thankfully, I haven't yet been hooked on city wives ones or stars that are famous because they have a show ones... (any Kardashian, for example...)
But this isn't to say that you won't find me on any given day channel surfing for a
good old fashioned reality TV show. Somehow they just really hit the spot.
I mean, where else can I get drama like this:


And jeez.

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