Friday, August 30, 2013

Learning Curve

The other day I posted on Facebook that I love my job.
I had lots of people "like" my status which made me feel grateful and relieved that I have support during this transition in this crazy profession. {So, thanks all you "likers"!}

In the midst of loving my job, I am learning a ton about myself and this profession.
Here is a non-comprehensive list of said learning:
1. Kids are kids no matter where I teach.
I am in awe of the preteen/teen brain and the amazing things it is capable of. 
From a blossoming sense of humor to discovering how to 
walk that fine line of making good choices or not, 
kids are kids. 
Just because I am teaching in the 'burbs now doesn't mean that I don't see issues. 
They are alive and well and I am glad to take part in helping kids make sense of them.
2. Teaching can be lonely.
Teaching is an "on" job. We are constantly aware of what is happening and we constantly make adjustments and changes based on what we see.
{And, we hide our panic of doing such things as best as we can.} 
All teachers are doing this. So during this time of year all teachers are frantically figuring out our space, our kids, our instruction, and barely holding on to our sanity. 
There isn't a lot of energy left over to delve into new relationships. 
I knew this going in, but it still didn't take the sting away of not having a place and 
an outlet to be myself with adults. 
I miss my former colleagues a lot. 
I am slowly meeting people and I am figuring out my place here, but it hasn't been easy. 
I know that Brian being in #stupidindia adds a lot of stress for me in this area, and come September 16 my world will be back in balance,
 but being new anywhere is a bit scary, overwhelming and lonely.
3. Transitions suck.
 I was given advice many years ago that transitions of ANY type suck. 
Even good, planned, exciting transitions suck.
They require a period of figuring out the learning curve and that time sucks.
They force us to create new routines and habits and this usually sucks.
They are the necessary means to the needed end, but they suck. 
I am in the thick of this and it sucks. 
So yes, I am loving my job {mostly because of #1,} but this transition sucks.
4. I am exactly where I am supposed to be.
{Unless I win the lottery, then I am supposed to be on an island somewhere...}
I don't feel like I suck at teaching. 
{Most days...}
I think it has taken 5 years and a change of scenery to truly discover this. 
When I set up my classroom and started my routine with kids, 
I realized that I have ways of doing things that work.  
I have a purpose for the things I do in my classroom and this feels, well, this feels professional and good! 
5. I am grateful for where I've been and I am hopeful for where I am going.
It isn't a huge secret that things at my school last year were rough. 
I am not going to get into the gritty details here, but suffice it to say I needed a change. 
I am too young in my career to not explore my options and find a place that fits who I am. 
That said, I am SUPER grateful for all I learned and all I experienced at my last school. 
I was where I was supposed to be then too.
That said, I am SUPER hopeful for where I am going and how this career will continue to challenge and excite me. 
I am hopeful for fitting in with more aspects of teaching than I was before. 
I see potential for strong relationships with staff, students, and parents.
I see purpose in the curriculum and the execution of it.
I feel excited to see similar philosophical perspectives about student learning.
I am energized by the general school culture here.  
This feels hopeful.
I know there is a lot to learn.
 I know I will have difficult days.
 I know that I am a part of an ever-changing profession with LOTS of issues.
But today, today I love my job and I couldn't be more grateful for this feeling. 

I couldn't resist the e-cards that were captured in this video.
 You're welcome, fellow teachers!

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  1. I am so glad to hear that you love your new job, Kari! I felt bad that you had so much trouble in your last one! So this makes me really happy! You rock! Hugs!